> Challenge 6: Paper Flowers

1. MME Sketch Dec09
2. Smile by wilna
3. Smile Detail by wilna
4. Tiffani Smith_Finley
5. Tiffani Smith_Finley details
6. Trisha Ladouceur_Sweetness
7. Trisha Ladouceur_Sweentess detail
Agnieszka Piskorz 2
Agnieszka Piskorz 3
Annie Tsai_2 Be With You
Annie Tsai_2 Be With You detail
Beverley Cunningham_Beach
Bree Tetz_Jamaica
Bree Tetz_Jamaica detail
Davi_Skylar 2
Erin Aumack
Erin Aumack 2
Jami Rodolph_Family
Jami Rodolph_Family detail
Jana Eubank_OneOnly
Jana Eubank_OneOnlyDetail
Julie Rainbolt_Mesmerrize
Kim Sonksen_Fun in the country
Kim Sonksen_Fun in the country details
Krista Hanna_I do
Krista Hanna_I do details
Kristi Pamperin_Grow
Leica Forrest_the Best
Leica Forrest_the Best detail
Leica Forrest_the Best detail2
Liz Chidester_Me, Trouble
Liz Chidester_Me, Trouble close-up
Liz Chidester_Me, Trouble close-up 2
Melanie Trubicin_Only Smiles
Michelle Stancil_What's in Your Wallet
Rhonda Vanginkel_Always Remember This
Rhonda Vanginkel_Always Remember This detail
Rhonda Vanginkel_Always Remember This detail2
Rochelle Spears_Me & You
Rosie Vega_Te Amo
Rosie Vega_Te Amo closeup
Sandee Allen_Cousins
Sarah de Guzman_The Big Five
Serana Gedlaman_cousins
Shirley Yow 3
Shirley Yow_Look
Sonia Thomason_Happy
Sonia Thomason_Happy detail