> Challenge 3: Song Lyrics

Zoe Nemburt_Every Generation
Gretchen McElveen_4Generations
Michelle Stancil_Every Generation
Lisa Dorsey_Make a Difference
Kimberly Collis_Why I Recycle
Roselyn Vega_The Now
Dawn Gallop_Go Green
Wilna Furstenberg_World Changer
Connie Verbruggen_One Step at a Time
Debbie Kerce Weinhold_On The Move
Ellen S_Running Out of Time
Lisa Kisch_Be The Change
Piradee Talvanna_A Moment in Time
Rita Shimniok_Advent Conspiracy
Sonia Thomason_Generations
Yvonne Y_Be Open
Amy Brown_I Hope
Angie Pearl_Every Generation
Julia  Lee_Every
Edys Gonçalves_Elas