> Challenge 17: Lessons Learned

1. Mme sketch 2010_11
2. Suzanne Sergi_Soar
3. LG Belarmino_Lessons Learned
Amy S_Time
Andi Sexton_The Gang layout
Andrea Ancich_I've Learned
Angella Peardon_
Anja Curvers_You Did It
Anthea Peterson_Expect the Unexpected
Aurelie Cormier_Learning with Milou
Bec Young_love like theres no tomorrow
Bethany Crowell_I have learned
Brianna Johnson_Only One
Carla Marchee_Lessons
Caroline Piercy_Play More
Charlotte Brochu_Bumps
Colleen Boshoff_
Doris Widder_Just as Sweet
Esther Mendez_Lessons Learned
Fiona Lally_No Looking Back
Gini Cagle_Will
Gretchen Henninger_New Home
Heather Millar_Christmas Tradition with Roger
Janneke van Veen_Woeps
Jeanne Kelly_Adoption Day
Jeannette Siciliani_Live N Faith
Jennifer Stockard_My Little Prince
Jill Cornell_Nurture_Love_Grow
Karen Taylor_dreams
Kathy Perry_Best Buddies
Keri babbitt_Lessons
Kim Holmes_Up For the Challenge
Leah Schwartz_The Climb
Leslee Barrow_Lessons Learned
Liz Chidester_Little Lady
Lori Leng_The Little Things
Lynn Shokoples_love lessons
Mary Goodall_Egyptian Project
Melissa Dehne_Try Again
Michelle Roncon_Life's Lessons
Natalie Elphinstone_Learnt-Behaviour
Nicole Pomeroy_I Have Learnt
Nicole_Beauty is in the Breakdown
Patti Hamil_Tis the Season
Rachael Funnell_Slow down for Corners
Romy Veul_Love Being Friends
Rosie Vega_Lessons Learned
Ruth Tacoma_Life-Support